Design Docs & Notes

Note this is a very raw dump, will be updated and formated nicely at a later date

Core Repositories

SSL-Vision Configuration: (Joydeep, please attach this)

Design Notes

 * Automatic scanning for bluetooth serial terminals (using PySerial)
 * Spew position data out on all available ports
 * Vision can runs in text mode spewing out all position information
 * Written in python, takes in an initial set of ports

Comms Protocl:
 * Positions: pair of bytes (255, 1 unit = 1/2 centimeter)
 * Signal header (255's)
 * Robot 1 Pos
 * Robot 2 Pos
 * Num balls
 * Array of ball pos

Bluetooth linux:
 * sdbtool - manages serial ports of communication
 * rfcomm - 

Using the brick:
 * Unsure what to use exactly program

Bluetooth Notes

Setting up the Ubuntu computer:
  1. Make sure bluez-utils is installed (it is installed by default in all the new ubuntu versions)
  2. Setup the serial service on channel 3: sdptool add --channel=3 SP
  3. Now wait for the bluetooth device to connect: sudo rfcomm listen /dev/rfcomm0 3

Setting up the NXT:
  1. Go the to the BlueTooth menu and select the "Search" task
  2. When it finishes select the computer icon, and pick the channel which matches the one picked above (in this case 3)
  3. Copy the pin displayed on screen into the window that is asking for it on the machine
  4. You are now connected
To set bluetooth dongle in discovery mode: N \in \left[0,\inf\right)
    sudo hciconfig hciN piscan
To set local name to elderon:
    sudo hciconfig hciN name elderon
To see some basic info:
    sudo hciconfig hciN name
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Pras Velagapudi,
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